Activating the healing power of silk in wound closure.

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From post-surgical wounds to simple lacerations, SYLKE® has you covered.

Every year, millions of patients suffer from complications due to reactions from wound closures and dressings made from synthetic meshes and paper tapes. At SYLKE® we’re developing need-based innovations to address these issues by combining decades of research with one of the most gentle, hypoallergenic materials on the planet. SYLKE® truly is a "wound closure without compromise."

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New! SYLKE® Adhesive Wound Closure

“All-In-One” system provides wound closure strength AND wound dressing protection.

Silk Fibroin Technology

Created with 99.99% purified silk fibroin, a hypoallergenic bioprotein that enhances wound healing.

Flexible and Breathable

The mesh design contours over irregular and mobile wound surfaces and allows oxygen and exudate transfer to aid wound healing.

Offload Tension

Strong but gentle adhesive holds wound edges closed for 2 weeks to improve cosmetic outcomes.

Water Resistant

Two-week wear time through normal bathing routines.

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Try SYLKE® Adhesive Wound Closure!

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The SYLKE® Difference

SYLKE® was designed with healing in mind, protecting the body’s first line of defense against infection, the skin. By combining one of the oldest biomaterials in wound healing with modern science and technology, SYLKE® looks to nature to promote complication free wound healing.


of patients experience a medical adhesive related skin injury (MARSI) from the current standard of care in wound closures and dressings. MARSI can delay wound healing, cause scarring and increase the risk of infection.

The Secret is in the Silk

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SYLKE® is the only post-surgical wound closure made with silk fibroin, a naturally hypoallergenic material that is strong, flexible and clinically researched to aid in wound healing.

Wound Care Everywhere

Sylke® was invented by physicians to be used in the doctor’s office and at home from the medicine cabinet.

See Sylke® application for post-surgical wounds.

Easy to Apply AND Remove

Applies in seconds and lasts for weeks.

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Introducing SylkeMD® Antimicrobial Undergarments

SylkeMD® antimicrobial technology resists microbe growth to protect the garments that protect you.

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