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SYLKE® Adhesive Wound Closure

SYLKE® Adhesive Wound Closure

SYLKE® - 32cm x 2.5cm
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2.5cm (W) x 32cm (L)
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50 units

Revolutionize wound care with SYLKE®, the world's first wound closure system crafted from purified silk fibroin mesh. Made from a natural biomaterial, SYLKE® is setting a new standard in wound closure. Each individually pouched SYLKE® closure strip is 32cm by 2.5cm to manage a variety of wound lengths.

Flexibility with Strength:
The innovative mesh design of SYLKE® ensures exceptional flexibility, adapting to the body's natural contours and movements while maintaining closure strength.

Safety and Purity:
Crafted from premium Italian silk fibroin, SYLKE® embraces the safety of nature. This biocompatible material offers caregivers peace of mind for their patients and families.

Extended Wear Time:
SYLKE® offers an impressive 14-day wear time. No more concerns about premature detachment or repeated changes – SYLKE® has you covered.

Water Resistant:
Designed to withstand exposure to water, SYLKE® securely holds wounds closed through daily showers, making healing easier and less stressful.

User-Friendly Design:
Messy glues or complicated applicators are a thing of the past. SYLKE® goes on in seconds.

Please read the Instruction for Use (IFU) for more information.

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