"At SYLKE® we are pioneering a groundbreaking era in science and innovation through reinventing one of nature's oldest biomaterials—silk—into modern medicine."

– Daniel Rouhani, Clinical Researcher, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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Nature’s Oldest Biomaterial

Silk, one of the oldest biomaterials known to humanity, has a remarkable history in the world of medicine. Its roots can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt, where it served as both a wound dressing and suture material. At SYLKE®, we stand at the forefront of reimagining silk for the demands of modern medicine, focusing on harnessing one of its most valuable proteins: fibroin.

Silkworm silk consists of two essential proteins: fibroin and sericin. Fibroin, the structural backbone of silk fibers, imparts strength and resilience, while sericin acts as a protective coating.

In recent years, groundbreaking advancements in silk science have unveiled a diverse range of biomolecular properties that position fibroin as an exceptional material for wound regeneration and tissue engineering.

Strength and Flexibility

Silk fibroin is nothing short of a marvel in the natural world—it ranks among the strongest of all natural filaments, surpassing even the strength of steel compared by weight. At SYLKE®, we are pioneering an innovative and straightforward solution for wound closure through the use of silk fibroin.

Proven Clinical Benefits

Extensive research demonstrates that silk fibroin enhances cellular proliferation, growth, and differentiation while facilitating the adhesion of stem cells across diverse tissue types. Its unique combination of attributes, including exceptional mechanical strength, non-immunogenicity, and regenerative potential, makes it the perfect material that is underutilized in wound closure.In vivo studies have yielded compelling evidence, including accelerated wound healing and superior skin regeneration when compared to conventional hydrocolloid dressings.

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Premium Italian Weave

Ethically sourced from the silk capital of the world, northern Italy, Sylke® uses only the highest quality strands for its raw materials. The custom weave is designed to accommodate even the most contoured and mobile parts of the body. See Sylke® application for post-surgical wounds.


The SYLKE® Story

SYLKE® was invented by Dr. M. Mark Mofid, a practicing reconstructive and plastic surgeon for nearly 20 years. Dr. Mofid was never satisfied with the products available to protect the surgical incision after his operation was complete. “So much time, care, thought and precision goes into every incision, and every suture. There is a gap in our industry that neglects the aftercare of the closed incision. We must respect the entirety of the healing process to produce optimal surgical results. I look at each procedure from a holistic perspective. Surgery is not finished after the last suture, it is finished after the incision is healed and the body is whole again.” Dr. Mofid has spent his entire career innovating techniques and instruments to improve surgical outcomes and patient safety, including extensive research into silk fibroin’s promising qualities for cell regeneration. With a lighter than usual surgery schedule during the early months of the Covid pandemic, Dr. Mofid finally had an opportunity to work on his vision for the ideal wound closure. “After studying the incredible healing benefits, durability, and biocompatibility of silk fibroin, I knew that it would be the ideal material for a comfortable yet effective skin closure device.”